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Most people who are as attractive, witty and intelligent as I am are usually conceited.

I don’t think anyone ever gets over anything in life; they merely get used to it.

—Douglas Coupland (via durianquotes)

I just landed in Rome nigga!

I just landed in Rome nigga!

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I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.

—Robin Williams; R.I.P. (July 21st, 1951—August 11, 2014)

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The songs Oasis - wonderwall and Kate Voegele - unfair in that order will always be memorable to me. 

I don’t care what you do to me, but I don’t want you to hurt me. I’ve had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy.

—Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood  (via lulu-a)

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